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Give your loved ones unique and memorable gifts while avoiding the holiday shopping frenzy! Our craft beer and whisky makes for delicious artisanal presents with great stories behind them.





Gifts can be purchased at the Brewery & Distillery or shipped to an address of your choice







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Among the Heather

Prince Dougal's Dram





If you don’t see the product you were looking for here please send us a message or drop by the Visitor Centre. We have a lot more available!

Onsite Sales: Come visit us at the Brewery-Distillery to view a full selection of our beers, whiskies, and merchandise. You can pay for and take home our products straight from our Visitor Centre.

Offsite Sales: Once you’ve emailed us your order, we will send you the final product cost including applicable sales taxes and an estimated shipping cost and time. Payment can be made via credit card thereafter. Photo ID with proof of age and a second piece of ID is required for completion of the delivery.

Distillery Licence #306935          Brewery Licence #306936