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We scoured the ‘old country’ looking for the finest Scotch whiskies that measure up to the standards we’ve set upon our own products. The whiskies we’ve selected not only taste great, they also include single malt Scotches from distilleries where our very own Master Distiller, Mike Nicolson, once operated his craft!

Heritage Vatting Range

Chosen for their special connection to Scotland’s history and our founder’s loyal Jacobite clan ancestry, these Heritage Vatting whiskies are a perfect introduction to malt Scotch whisky. Reasonably priced Scotches, they offer a refined, elegant drinking experience and are available for purchase with your own custom label at the distillery making a great personalized gift.

Prince Dougal’s Dram

The 1746 battle of Culloden ended in disaster for Bonnie Prince Charlie. Forced to retreat into the Highlands, a massive Hanoverian bounty was placed on his head. To conceal his identity, the Jacobites dubbed him Dougal Macaloney, the name of some of his staunchest supporters and the ancestors of our founder, Graeme Macaloney. Despite the bounty, no Jacobite ever betrayed him. This vatted Scotch provides a hint of sherry wood. Simply put, it’s fit for a prince.

Among the Heather

After the fateful battle of Culloden in 1746, Dugald-Roy McOlonie, a kinsman of our founder, was forced to hide among the heather of his native Highlands as the cruel Hanoverian revenge was unleashed in the glens beneath him. Lamenting his losses, he wrote “In the heather’s my bed ‘neath the dew laden trees… And though I’m in a den, there’s a glass in my hand, and I’ll drink, and refuse not, a health to Prince Charles.” This beautiful Scotch has a hint of peat smoke and is a perfect warming dram!

Macaloney’s Twa Cask Series

The Twa Cask Series was designed by our Scottish whisky makers Mike Nicolson and Dr. Graeme Macaloney to allow you to experience the unique flavours of three of Scotland’s greatest whisky producing regions. The range is available in two (‘twa’) finishes. The classic ex-Bourbon cask maturation or a re-toasted Portuguese Red Wine barrique finish. Our Master Distiller created major components of these whiskies, having worked in at least one of the distilleries selected for each of these exclusive bottlings.

Twa Cask Highland: Blair Athol & MacDuff single malts

Distilled amidst the rocky crags and deep glens of the Highlands, this whisky is at home in the wilderness of Scotland. The spirit has almost consumed the lichen clad rocks and floral heather of its mountainous origin. The first sip reveals a subtle hint of heather smoke before giving way to a full bodied, layered and lingering experience that will leave you yearning for more.

This rugged drink is available in both a ex-Bourbon cask expression and a re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression in our visitor centre and select liquor stores. The ex-Bourbon expression adds a touch of sweetness, while the re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression is best for those who want something a little more fruity. Naturally, this whisky is best enjoyed after an arduous hike or challenging day of work.

Twa Cask Speyside: Benrinnes & Glenlossie single malts

This delectable whisky traces its roots to the fertile plains surrounding the river Spey. The spirit has taken on the bountiful and pleasant nature of its surroundings. The whisky is lightly bodied with an ethereal sweetness that lingers on your lips after each sip. A hint of lively spices persists throughout the drinking experience as complex flavours evolve on the palate. This beautiful drink is available in both an ex-Bourbon cask expression and a re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression in our visitor centre and select liquor stores. The ex-Bourbon expression adds emphasis to the whiskies inherent sweetness, while the re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression emboldens the fruit and adds a hint of naturally occurring caramel. Macaloney’s Twa Cask Speyside is truly a summer born whisky, perfect for warm day by the water.

Twa Cask Islay: Caol Ila & Bunnahabhain single malts

Hailing from the windswept isle of Islay, this whisky embodies its rugged island birthplace. It matured with nothing but peat bogs and ocean spray for company. The resulting whisky offers a classic ‘peat-head’ connoisseurs drinking experience incorporating the peat smoke and salt of its youth, but with layers of mouthwatering complexity following behind.

The Twa Cask Islay is available in both an ex-Bourbon and a re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression in our visitor centre and select liquor stores. The ex-Bourbon expression provides a clean taste with a subtle sweetness, while the re-toasted Red Wine Barrique expression adds a hint of spice, defined fruit, and naturally occurring caramel. A perfect companion to warm you on the coldest of winter nights or as an engaging, compelling ‘wee dram’.

For a truly unique gift

We can customize a bottle of our Heritage Vatting Whiskies to add a personal touch. It’s perfect for your whisky-loving friends, corporate gifting, or that special someone!

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