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We want to show the world that Canadian single malt whisky is every bit as good as Scotch and among the best in the world! For far too long, Canadian whisky has been treated as a commodity product more suited for cocktails than straight enjoyment.


We’re challenging this misconception by producing a world class single malt whisky and we invite you to join us in taking it global and raising the profile of Canadian craft whisky! We are now accepting new investors through our crowdfunding campaign.

Aside from the potentially lucrative returns on investment, Founder-Owners enjoy a plethora of exclusive perks. There is no better way to gain a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into a working brewery and distillery than by investing. Investments start at only $500 for the duration of our crowdfunding campaign!

While this offering will likely be short lived, it’s a great time to take advantage of the many perks including:

  • Exclusive VIP Founder-Owner Card with Discounts The VIP Founder-Owner Card gives you a discount on our products (beer, whisky and merchandise) at the Brewery & Distillery, in our future online store, and through our partner liquor stores or agents across Canada. Your card will also allow you to take advantage of your other exclusive Founder-Owner perks!
  • Free Branded Merchandise Represent your new brewery and distillery with some sweet free merchandise including ballcaps, t-shirts and jackets, depending on investment level.
  • Free Tours Learn how beer and whisky is made on annual free tours of the brewery and distillery. You’ll also get a discount on tutored tastings!
  • Lifetime Happy Birthday Pints As a Founder-Owner you’ll be entitled to a tasty free gift each and every year on your birthday (or at least the equivalent credit value). You can either drop by to collect or we’ll send you a birthday gift certificate. Happy birthday Caley Distillery – Twa Dogs founder!
  • First VIP Access to New Beer and Whisky Launches You’ll have the opportunity to be the among the first to try new whiskies, limited release beers and special edition brews.
  • Twa Dogs Brewing Collective + Brew Day Invite As a Founder-Owner you automatically join our ‘Brewers Collective’ and have the opportunity to help us design our beer! Vote on decisions ranging from what style of beer we should brew next to what specialty malts should be used. Each year, we’ll have an awesome event as we celebrate the beer we designed together!
  • Exclusive Celebrity/Guest Whisky Tastings Join us once a year for this private event where an industry leading distillery ambassador, whisky legend, or whisky writer leads a masterclass whisky tasting. Tickets are exclusively available to you as a Founder-Owner.
  • Distillery Floor Event Space Host your private functions and parties in our fully licenced event space located beneath our gleaming copper pot stills while enjoying discounted rates. There are few places cooler to host a party, wedding reception, business meeting, or other event than between the hand hammered copper of the potstills and the gleaming stainless steel of the brewery.
  • AGM Invite Fantastic live music, beer tastings, tons of cool people and the rundown on all things Caley – Twa Dogs as well as our company’s performance
  • Annual Whisky Maturation Tasting Invite Join us for an annual maturation tasting to assess three or more of our whiskies as they mature! Experience whisky maturation through taste and smell with this ‘behind the scenes’ distillery perk.
  • Caley Brewing and Distilling Academy The ultimate perk for whisky & beers enthusiasts – access to our exclusive 3-day ‘hands-on’ Caley Academy of Brewing & Distilling. Learn the secrets of great brewing & distilling and participate in sampling & blending classes. The academy is valued at $2,500 and is not available to the general public, but Founder-Owners get fantastic discounts!

To learn more about the perk levels check out our crowdfunding page here.

Investments are open to Canadian residents and are RSP/TFSA eligible at or above the $5,000 level. If you have an existing RSP/TFSA investment which is underperforming, your investment in this fund may be transferred to an investment into MBD.

BC Investors may be eligible for a 30% tax credit on the value of their investment ($5,000 level and above).

If you are interested to find out more about becoming a Founder-Owner please contact Graeme at mobile 250 634 2276 or e-mail him at:

There are risks associated with any investing . This document is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation to buy any securities in MBD. This document is not an Offering Memorandum and should not be construed as such. Anyone who wishes to invest in MBD should refer to MBD’s Offering Memorandum and should carefully consider the risk warnings and disclosures contained therein before making an investment decision.

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