Cask Ownership Program - Twa Dogs Brewery & Victoria Caledonian Distillery

There’s nothing quite like pouring a wee dram that you have designed and created yourself.

Drinking your whisky takes on a whole new meaning when it’s not just another bottle on the shelf, but comes with fond memories working with our experts to choose from a selection of oak-wood cask types and different whisky spirits from classic single malt, to peated, to pot-still; then drawing your spirit from the cask each year to see how it matures; and filling your own private label bottles or custom 30L cask to take home and share with friends and loved-ones.

To share this special whisky and its experiences, we created a program that allows you to design your own whisky in our distillery from 5 different whisky spirit options and 10 oak barrel types, leading to a superb, complex and balanced whisky, ‘Traditionally made, by Scots’, in just 3 years.

10 Oak-Wood Cask Types
5 New Make Spirit Styles
A World of Possibilities

We’ve worked extremely hard to source some of the best ingredients and expertise from around the world. Our proprietary maturation knowledge allows us to create exceptional whiskies in as few as three to four years while maintaining traditional Scottish and Irish distillation processes. Try some of our 12 month old Mac Na Braiche and any doubts you hold will be washed away!

Spirit Selection


Choose from five unique new make spirits ranging from a classic silky smooth single malt to a heavily peated and impossibly smoky spirit. Our distillery has been designed to allow both double (Scottish style) and triple (Irish style) distillation. 

Spirit Options

  1. Single malt (un-peated)
  2. Lightly peated single malt
  3. Moderately peated single malt
  4. Heavily peated single malt
  5. Pot Still triple distilled spirit (Irish Style)

Cask Selection


From the sun kissed valley of the Douro river in Portugal to the lush countryside fields of Kentucky, we’ve traveled the world to find the best casks for you. One of the highlights of our collection are our STR casks which were used to create Kavalan’s Vinho Barrique, winner of the World’s Best Single Malt award in 2015.

Cask Options

  1. First use Kentucky ex-bourbon cask
  2. STR re-charred ex-red wine barrique
  3. Virgin American oak cask
  4. Canadian ice wine cask
  5. Ex-Islay cask
  6. Port cask
  7. Madeira cask
  8. Moscatel sweet wine cask
  9. Oloroso sherry cask
  10. Pedro Ximenez sherry cask

Customization at an approachable scale

Most cask programs offer a full 200L cask which yields more whisky than most can drink and is very expensive. Others offer a 30L cask however, these inevitably over-oak the spirit. Our cask experience provides you a 30L portion of a 200L standard cask, 225L barrique, or 500L sherry butt leading to a great, complex, and balanced whisky at an affordable price.

Casks start at only $1750 plus applicable taxes. When bottled at 40%, the per bottle cost including taxes is only $53.91 on a whisky which may retail as high as $140. There is no better way to gain early access to a superb whisky which you’ve designed yourself while also experiencing the joys of whisky making!

Our Expert Guidance

With so many customization options at your disposal, we recognize the choices may be overwhelming. That’s why our Whisky Ambassador and WSET III Scotch Sommelier, Andrew Campbell Walls,  will walk you through the best combinations.

With the breadth and depth of knowledge we’ve assembled in our Scottish whisky making team, we’re more than happy to help guide your decision making process. We’re so confident in the quality of your final product, that we commit to selling the remainder of the full size cask (assuming you purchase only 30L) as our own whisky in our visitor centre and as special releases.

Experience designing your own cask whisky

What is your favourite whisky? Choose the best combination of oak wood and new-make spirit to create your desired whisky character.

Make an annual visit to your slumbering cask in our bonded warehouse, pull your own valinch sample, and taste how your whisky is maturing.

Choose between bottling and labelling your own whisky or taking it home in a custom re-coopered 30L cask.

Join the fun and trade some bottles with other cask owners at our private cask owners party.

Enjoy a wee dram at home with the knowledge that you’re drinking an exclusive whisky that you’ve designed. Then share some of your newfound stories, knowledge and whisky with your friends and family.

Take Home Your Cask

As the maturation process concludes you’ll be given the option of choosing how you’d like to take home your custom whisky. Our re-coopered 30L casks make for great conversation pieces as you pour from the miniature barrel for friends and family, whereas custom labelled bottles provide an opportunity to place your name, corporate logo, or catch phrase on every bottle – perfect for gift-giving.

Get Started on a Cask of Your Very Own

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