Caledonian Whisky - Macaloney's Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery

Guided by his love for Uisge Beatha, the water of life, Graeme Macaloney our ex-pat Scot founder and whisky maker set out to create the finest single malt whisky in North America and perhaps the world. Driven by quality he focused his efforts on bringing together the industry’s best Scottish distillers, ingredients (great Canadian barley, select American & European oak) and the best equipment. Our team is passionate about what we’ve created and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks to our high-quality ingredients, world-class facilities and deep expert knowledge base, we’re able to produce exceptional single malt whiskies in just three short years using exclusively traditional techniques.

Our world-class distillery is built around our traditional Forsyth’s copper pot stills. These hand hammered behemoths produce extremely smooth and fruity spirits ideal for absorbing the unique flavours of our carefully selected oak casks which emanate from as far away as Kentucky, Portugal, Spain and Scotland.

Locally, our exceptional Canadian barley, with island water and air produces a complex but balanced spirit, while bringing a pristine quality to the final drink.

Traditionally made

Our third generation Master Distiller, Mike Nicolson, spent his career distilling single malt whiskies in 18 diverse Scottish distilleries from Lagavulin on Islay through Speyside to Glenkinchie in the lowlands. Whisky maturation expert, the late and great, Dr. Jim Swan, heralded in a new era of whisky making through cask finishing and has secured our access to the best oak available. Finally, our founder-whiskymaker, Dr. Graeme Macaloney, brings process manufacturing knowhow and a connoisseurship to the mix. This trio of Scotsmen have created a complex yet balanced Canadian spirit which is already surpassing some of our most beloved Scotches.

Victoria Caledonian Mac na Braiche scores 87 points from Malt Maniac whisky reviewer on Whisky Intelligence and 86 points from Gavin D. Smith, whisky writer/reviewer.

Scores in the ‘high eighties’ are typically reserved for 12 year and 18 year old Scotches considered to be great single malts!

Mac Na Braiche Whisky

Sooner than you think

The countdown has begun! We released a distillery exclusive 12 month old single malt spirit in late 2017 to much acclaim.  The ‘Mac Na Braiche’, or son of malt, has only been maturing for 12 months but is regularly believed to be five to eight years old in blind tastings. Pick up a bottle at our visitor centre or check out our cask program as you wait for our inaugural whisky release!

87 Points