Brewing - Twa Dogs Brewery & Victoria Caledonian Distillery

Brewing craft beer occupies a special place in our hearts. We love the science, art, and passion that goes into every batch of beer our brewers create.  Brewing allows us to take our passion for great beers to new heights and create something that brings joy into people’s lives. Plus, it beats sitting in an office all day!

Twa Dogs Beers combine the rich, sessionable brews of Scotland with the unrivaled quality and character of West Coast craft beer. By choosing not to filter our beers, you may find some haziness or sediment, but we ensure that every last drop of flavour is carried through to your pint glass.

Master Brewer Dean McLeod and Head Brewer Nicole MacLean may hail from opposite ends of the earth, but they both share a deep passion for quality beers.

Dean, our Kiwi brewer, brings a lifetime’s worth of brewing expertise spanning Australia, Canada and England as well as an unrivaled knowledge of Australasian hop varieties. As one of the few Canadian brewers to be invited to judge at US beer festivals he has a unique ability to craft great beers.

Nicole, our truly dynamic Scots lass, began her career with the renowned BrewDog in Scotland (pure coincidence she came to brew at Twa Dogs!). She has experience in both Canadian and Scottish breweries and loves discovering new ways to combine the two distinct beer styles as you will experience when you sample her pilot brews in our unique ‘Stillhouse-Brewery’ lounge area.